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Asevi Oxy Gel Stain Remover

Asevi Oxy Gel Stain Remover

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Stain Remover Gel with Active Oxygen that effectively removes all types of stains and bad smells on white and coloured clothes.

  • Bleach-free, safe for colours and fabrics
  • Protects fibres and colour with every wash
  • Keeps colours bright and prevents fading
  • Bright whites and colours
  • Effective in cold water and short cycles
  • Pleasant clean smell
Ideal for all types of stains, oil, grease, food, sweat, grass, mud, ink, blood, chocolate, tomato, fruit, ice cream, coffee, wine, stains on collars and cuffs, make-up,...[-INFO]
Washing machine: add the detergent in the usual way and then add 80ml of Stain Remover. Pre-treatment: apply directly on the difficult stain, leave to act for 1-5 minutes and wash immediately. Soaking: add 80ml of product for every 5 litres of water with your Asevi detergent.
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