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Instituto Espanol Aloe Vera Cream Pump Top 950ml

Instituto Espanol Aloe Vera Cream Pump Top 950ml

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If you are a fan of Instituto Espanol Aloe Vera cream in the 400ml pots, then you will absolutely love this.  Now in a pump top format, this giant 950ml aloe vera dispenser is perfect for applying your aloe vera cream with ease.

Aloe vera cream is used in Spain primarily as an after sun lotion, although its uses are almost endless.  It is good for the treatment of mild skin conditions such as dry or flaky skin, itchy skin and other things (like nappy rash, skin burns from radiation therapy and more).  

Instituto Espanol Aloe Vera Hand and Body Cream helps with the prevention and slow elimination of small stretching marks and premature wrinkles. Allows skin to look fresh and youthful. This rich cream offers great results thanks to the base of its formulation, proving very effective on the skin. Nourishes and provides smoothness and elasticity to the skin on a constant basis. Its formulation enjoys from a 100% natural Aloe Vera content. Helps stimulate hydration, regeneration of skin cells and resulting in great looking healthy skin. Instituto Espanol is one of Europe's most reliable, efficient and conscious beauty brands. All Instituto Espanol products have never been tested on animals and the company supports a sustainable approach.

It is ideal for all skin types and ages and is fast absorbing and non oily.  It can be used as both a day and night moisturising cream. Many Spanish families use it for nappy rash, dry skin and eczema.  It is highly recommended for the prevention of bed sores. 

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