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Instituto Espanol UREA Cream - 400ml

Instituto Espanol UREA Cream - 400ml

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If you are a fan of Instituto Espanol UREA cream in the 400ml pots, then you will absolutely love this.  Now in a pump top format, this giant 950ml UREA cream dispenser is perfect for applying your UREA cream with ease.

UREA Cream is designed for intense and deep moisturisation to skin.  It is especially good for those with exceptionally dry skin, even to the point of the skin breaking and even bleeding because of dryness (for example: cracked heels etc).  UREA cream penetrates deep in to the skin and is a skin repair cream which helps soothe and repair the skin back to its natural smoothness.  UREA cream is often one of the first things a doctor will recommend if you have exceptionally dry, flakey or scaley skin.

Instituto Espanol is a household name in Spain.  Not only known for their high quality, the brand has been established for generations.

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