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Kiriko Floor Cleaner 1.5L Talco

Kiriko Floor Cleaner 1.5L Talco

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KiRiKo are a family run company in Spain, established since 1965.  They specialise in providing cleaning products which not only clean well, but have a unique and powerful fragrance that infuses the area they are used.  Their range of floor cleaners are extensive, but each of them have been crafted expertly in their laboratories in Spain to ensure they provide the best value for money.

For best results recommend mixing a splash of this with boiling hot water.  Leave your mop to soak in the water for around 3 minutes before use to ensure you really make the most of the fragrance.  Additionally you could purchase an empty bottle and put this in the bottle with hot water to use as a multi surface spray.  Another little trick - pour a dash in the kitchen sink and then mix with hot water.  Leave your dish clothes and sponges to soak for 30 minutes and you will smell the results. 

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